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Here you can listen to samples of our music. We have four wonderful CDs available for you. The best place to get them is one of our shows, but you can also comfortably order online.


For this cd we handpicked our favourite songs for duet renditions. You can find all you need for love right here: Songs about jealousy and fidelity like the classic “I walk the line”, and the less known “jealous loving heart”, songs for quarrelling and making up like “one more chance” and of course “Jackson”. You can go out on the cheap with “setting the woods on fire” and “Hey Good Lookin” and realize that money really doesn’t matter in “something to brag about”. You can separate with “the last thing on my mind”, and even flirt with your ex in “Did you Ever”…and if that’s not risqué enough, the tongue in cheek (at least…) title “let’s Duet” is bound to get the message across.


sample track:


                                          Darling Companion                                                


Cowboy Sweethearts


Many royal couples have reigned in the kingdom of country music: Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner , Johnny Cash & June Carter, Loretta Lynn & Ernest Tubb to mention a few.  On this CD you will find The Hunters’ versions of songs that were made famous by those legendary cowboy sweethearts.  You will also find here three original Hunters’ songs:  Forever Dreaming, Give Me Some Time to Say Goodbye and Ain’t Gonna Die (without another country song…)
Prepare for pleasure!

song sample:

We're far apart but our hearts are holding hands

Return of The Honky Tonk Heroes

There once was a time when every bar or "Honky Tonk" would have a band providing songs to suit every mood of their customers: Heart wrenching ballads for those who need to cry, comedy numbers for those who need to laugh and up tempo dance numbers to let the good times roll. If you yearn for those days when such entertainment was the essential element to a good night then you need to see The Hunters – True Honky Tonk heroes. 
This CD captures The Hunters  experience with 10 ole’ time  classics & rarities as performed by the band and 2 brand new original Hunters songs: the divorce ballad Gilmore Creek and the domestic shaker Diggin’ My Good Loving.   

So enjoy the ride and…happy trails!



​Gilmore creek (original)

Merry Christmas with The Hunters


Three Christmases ago we discovered the wonderful Christmas Record of Johnny Cash and the Carter family. “Wouldn’t it be nice”, we thought “to get together with our own musical family for a Christmas recording?” so we got them down to The Dwarfhaus one frosty evening: Ralf, Ulla and Thommy from “….and Friends Berlin”, Joe and Matt from “Two Dollar Bash” and of course our fellow Hunters - Gidi and Johnny. We set up some mics and 6x6 packs of beer, and between mixing together and lots of other mixing we made this record. So this is how we got from “Christmas with the Carter-Cash family” to “Christmas with The Hunter-Bash Family.…and Friends”. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it.
Merry Christmas!

have yourself a merry little Christmas